Life Of An Athlete

Life of an Athlete Wins the Fight against Drug Abuse as a Team

“Oklahoma Life of an Athlete” is a free drug prevention program offered to Oklahoma schools through the Whitten-Newman Foundation and FATE. Competition in sports constantly pushes athletes to strive to be better, and the temptation to turn to drugs or alcohol along the way is real – a path that can lead to injury or even death.


Life of an Athlete uses dynamic, interactive online training to demonstrate the impact of alcohol and other drugs on athletic performance. The program also incorporates engaging and honest live presentations for student, and assistance on rewriting athletic codes, developing positive student leadership, and promoting effectiveness and community support for coaches.

“Oklahoma Life of An Athlete” Curriculum

The Life of an Athlete curriculum was based on the program developed by John Underwood, president and founder of the American Athletic Institute (AAI). A lifelong athlete, John has been an Olympic-level coach, trainer of Navy Seals, and crusader for drug-free athletics.


Oklahoma Life of an Athlete has been endorsed by various athletic organizations, as well as the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.

Some of the organizations that endorse Oklahoma Life of an Athlete:

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